Ross County Court of Common Pleas
Juvenile Division

2 N. Paint St, Suite A
Chillicothe, OH 45601

Phone: (740) 774-1177          Fax: (740) 774-3711

Hours of Operation
8:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.
Closed on all legal holidays


Introduction to the Juvenile Probation Department
Probation Officers                          
Matt Sutherland The Juvenile Probation Department of the Court of Common Pleas monitors juveniles and adults placed on probation through the Juvenile Court of Ross County, Ohio.  The Juvenile Probation Department also:
Joe Glandon                          
Brandy McCord
  • prepares and files monthly reports for the individuals on probation;
Deputy Clerk
  • prepares and files reports and memos ordered by the Juvenile Court:
Shelley Harper
  • finds residential placements and non-residential treatment programs for juveniles with alcohol and drug abuse problems
  • monitors the probationer's school attendance;
  • assigns community service worksites and monitors the juvenile's performance;
  • assigns juveniles placed in the RESCUE program worksites; and
  • takes payments for restitution.
      The Juvenile Probation Department further administers drug tests and monitors children placed on electronic monitoring; and various other duties as directed by the Juvenile Court.

To make a restitution payment by credit card, click here:

Special Programs
RESCUE is a work program to assist juveniles in completing their restitution obligation.  This program is set up through the DYS 510 Youth Services Grant Allocation.
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